$ATOZ Token

Using Race Kingdom's native token $ATOZ for in-game transactions allows for lowering the costs incurred on transaction fees and keeping them at the bare minimum. External project contributors will receive $ATOZ as a reward (payment).

This will only increase their interest in following and contributing to the success of the project. Opportunities to earn $ATOZ include

  • Breeding NFT creatures

  • Trading NFT creatures

  • Rentals of the creatures and arenas

  • Participation in races

  • Hosting races in arenas

  • Sales of analysis and predictions

  • Referral programs

  • Reward programs

  • Bug reporting

  • Sales of advertising spaces

  • Staking and sweepstake

$ATOZ holders will get early access to the asset drops that will be available for purchase prior to general release. They will also get early access to the platform and will be the first ones invited to test new features.

Core token holder benefits:

  • VIP early access to the platform

  • VIP early access to the NFT asset drops

The Race Kingdom aims to provide innovative ways for participants to interact with both the gaming and blockchain elements of each other, including economically. The goal is to attract a wide audience of gamers, and spectators who will find the infrastructure and offerings of the Race Kingdom both useful and beneficial.

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