The Lore

The Race Kingdom is a gritty world where players' dominance is dependent on the ability, strength, and power of their NFT creatures. To become a great competitor and champion, players need to breed and compete with the greatest of engineered camels.

There are dozen ways for players to generate income by earning the highly valuable $ATOZ token that powers the Race Kingdom, including:

  • Breeding NFT creatures

  • Trading NFT creatures

  • Rentals of the creatures and arenas

  • Participation in races

  • Hosting races in arenas

  • Sales of analysis and predictions

  • Referral programs

  • Reward programs

  • Bug reporting

  • Sales of advertising spaces

  • Staking and sweepstake

The story is very well constructed to ensure retention. There are 5 levels called Tiers. Each Tier has various racing modes but basically the most important is the racing component. Win races in all 5 Tiers and your camel can participate in an annual international legendary tournament.

The catch is that you need to constantly upgrade your camels to win the ever-tougher crew members. The Player has to usually race most of the other races on the map to earn Cash so that they can purchase better parts and win the camel race.

Each Tier has different races offering different rewards and challenges and goes an extra mile with small yet strong features increasing the traffic from daily returning users - not to mention the excellent use of game notifications.

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