Fixed Rental

The “Fixed Rental” system is the most traditional or “real world” renting style. In this scenario, an NFT Owner puts his camel onto the market for a fixed price, for example, 00 tokens. In return for the 5 tokens, the Renter will receive the token for a set amount of time, for example, 30 days.

In this scenario, once the renter has accepted the agreement, and the camel is inside the escrow wallet, the owner will receive the complete 100 from the escrow account however will not be able to “take back” their camel for the full 30 days, guaranteeing the renters camel for the fixed rental period.

Direct Rental

This “Direct Rental” system is designed explicitly for Guilds. The rise of large-scale guilds, for example. Being able to buy, breed then rent out their NFTs to scholars is the core thesis of most guilds. The rental escrow systems outlined above apply to this rental method as well and will significantly simplify the management of guilds and reduce workload overall.

Staking Rental

The Staking of NFTs to rent out to other players, where the player who rents can get rental income and a percentage of profits of the rented camels win.

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