Spectator Club

The metaverse will be experienced by everyone simultaneously in real-time. Competitive entertainment’s customers are disproportionately young and technologically savvy. In addition to their gaming consoles and PCs, they have some of the most powerful, commercially-available computer processors.

With technology transforming every aspect of entertainment and leisure, more engaging, immersive, interactive mechanisms for enjoying competitive entertainment are developing.

New ways to connect with customers are emerging. The following are key areas: • Engagement in activities that require high lifting • Loyalty and trust are usually present or developed • Participation in real-time metaverse events • Decisions based on peer groups • Adoption of digital exchanges of value

For those who enjoy gaming & sports, Race Kingdom is a tempting prospect. The Kingdom will be a digital environment to host the real-life counterparts of various groups and organizations with a stake in metaverse ventures. Through these metaverse replicas, individuals can also do advertising, race sponsorships, arena gatherings, creature auctions, etc. The higher-end could provide valuable resources for heavy hitters, like access to restricted facilities, but eventually, the lower end will be able to provide a fun platform for beginners.

Through the metaverse, Race Kingdom creates an immersive experience for high-resource stables. There is no doubt that the game will evolve and as with anything, you will get out of it what you put into it.

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