Creature Genera

Upon mutation, the creatures of various environments are grouped with elemental forces to form the following Genera:


Graviton creatures are the most familiar with land as they are the creatures that originate from the natural Terra plains. They are known for their endurance and sturdy grip and are highly desirable for their vast variety.


Invader creatures are rare and mysterious in the way that they are able to harness solar energy to fuel their abilities and are known for their superior bursts of speed.


Aerojack creatures are gifted racers due to their energy and stamina source coming from wind energy. They are the most appealing visually due to the aerodynamic forms that help them maintain speed and energy consumption.


DynoAmp creatures come from oceans and large bodies of water. They are agile creatures that require immense volumes of energy to perform at peak racing conditions, and are among the quickest of the creature classes.

This means that breeding these majestic creatures will be highly lucrative and challenging to come due to their rarity. The rarity of the creatures are:

  • Ultra rare (5%)

  • Rare (15%)

  • Uncommon (30%)

  • Common (50%)

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