Token Distribution

Race Kingdom's token distribution is designed with the global aim to become the one-stop blockchain solution for the world gaming industry. Thus, the ratios for each particular activity were calculated based on the needs of the Race Kingdom ecosystem to attract users, motivate them to use the platform, support their initiatives, and as a result, scale by bringing different communities together.

Below there is a chart representing the distribution of the total Race Kingdom token supply:

Tokenomics takes into consideration factors such as the economic volatility of the blockchain and traditional financial ecosystems and incentivizes its token holders accordingly.

Race Kingdom has allocated the largest part of the tokens for the Ecosystem (Game Issuance) Pool, which will be used for facilitating the sale of digital collectibles, races, marketplace, rewards, and prize distribution in the Race Kingdom ecosystem.

Moreover, the Ecosystem Pool will be used for forging relationships with lead stakeholders in the racing ecosystem across different verticals, such as promoting ads and sponsorships, media partnerships, gaming studios and esports firms, merchandise, and others.

Part of the tokens will also be allocated for marketing purposes with the aim of attracting and conducting valuable partnerships with global industry-related organizations.

At every quarter, the token holders and active participants will gain access to qualified airdrops, exclusive NFTs, and other benefits accordingly. Staking rewards shall be released over a period of 6 years in a phased manner to incentivize participants and liquidity providers of the Race Kingdom ecosystem.

The rewards distribution table is as follows:

In order to provide a well-functioning scalable game and expand our tech team, 24 percent of the supply will be given to investors and early backers who will participate in different Presale rounds at Discounted prices along with appropriate vesting periods for their token releases.

The team will receive 15 percent of tokens to carry out the operations and scale up the relevant verticals for the future growth of the ecosystem. After a 4-quarter cliff, the tokens in this pool will be vested across 12 quarters and will follow a performance-based reward system including bonuses.

To ensure the success of the project as both blockchain and traditional business, Race Kingdom involves advisors and ambassadors who will enrich the ecosystem and team through a combination of their experience and networking both in the video gaming, racing sports, and the Blockchain Ecosystem. T&C's Apply.

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